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Operator accreditated and authorized to the practice of Massages with Registrated Trademark by the National School of Professional Massage DIABASI®:



NEURORESET© is an only manual treitment, trademark protected by International Copyright, developed by Dr.Fabrizio La Rosa (Physiotherapist and Osteopathic) almost completely painless, which does not include the use of aids, creams, external equipment, medicines or special detergents.

Effective aid to those who struggle with Algodistrophy and Articular Blocks after post-traumatic events

What about massotherapy?

MASSOTHERAPY is an ancient therapeutic form, natural and performed without the help of drugs, consisting of a variety of maneuvers performed on the body in order to relieve muscular or joint pain, relieve tension and muscle fatigue, to tone the muscle volume, but also to improve the psychic well-being of the subject.

Massotherapy provides benefits to the entire body such as, for example, improvements to blood and lymphatic circulation, muscle relaxation, well-being and relaxation.

Quality of contact, energy exchange, communication power: all these factors blend in the massage